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Securing Your Premises

Securing your premises is a important part of being a locksmith, rest assured Bsure Bsecure will cover all your needs.

Securing Your Doors

Your home or business door locks may look effective, however some locks can be opened by professional/opportunist criminals in just seconds. Statistics have shown that 1 in 5 burglaries occur as a result of unsecured fittings to windows and doors including locks. BSure BSecure can advise you on the most appropriate doors, windows and locks to fit to your home or business.

External Doors

It is recommended that you fit all outside doors with locks that conform to British Standards 3621. This is also a requirement by many household insurance companies.

Window Security

30% of burglars gain access to properties via a window. It is good advice to fit all accessible windows with a key-operated lock. There are a wide range of locks available for windows, please contact BSure BSecure for details.

Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors are often used by burglars for moving stolen goods with ease. It is advised that you have the opening section of the sliding door fitted with key-operated locking bolts fitted at the top and bottom at opposite corners. Please contact BSure BSecure for details.

Car Locks

Older Car models are vulnerable from attack because of the different lock type being used allowing burglaries to happen more often, contact Bsure Bsecure if you have any worries about your car or any vehicle.

Shed and Garage Security

Sheds and Garages are often targeted because of weak security measures such as cheap locks or out of date locking mechanisms, contact Bsure Bsecure if you feel like your Shed or Garage needs a upgrade.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Bsure Bsecure.